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Thursday, 25 July 2024

One copy of each master and phd thesis (both in print and electronic form) awarded in AUA has to be submitted to the Library & Information Centre (see relevant Library Committee's decision 1st/28-05-2088 subject 9: “Library policy on master and PhD theses”).

Postgraduate students as well as doctoral candidates are requested to take the following steps (in that order) in order to obtain the library thesis deposition certificate and participate to the oath ceremony.

A) Upload the thesis as well as certain supplementary data in the Digital Library & Institutional Repository DSpace. The file should be in pdf format and must not be locked.

Note:  Students will need to use their email username and password, edited by the AUA IT Department.

B) Submit to the AUA Library & Information Centre:

Note:  Upload of the thesis in DSpace must precede its submission in print form.

Theses will be accepted only if they fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Paper back (book-like not spiral)

  2. On the cover and first inner page the following data have to appear:

i. University name
ii. Department & Laboratory name
iii. Postgraduate studies’ program title
iv. Thesis type (master or phd)
v. Title
vi. Name, father’s name (first letter), surname
vii. Publication Place  (Athens)
viii. Publication year
ix. Name & Surname of supervisor

  1. On the second inner page the following data have to appear:

i. Thesis type (master or phd)
ii. Title
iii. Name, father’s name (first letter) surname
iv. Supervisor
v. Members of the evaluation board (master)
vi. Members of the supervising and evaluation board (phd)

  1. Abstract

The second inner page must be followed by two pages: one with the thesis abstract in Greek and one with the title and abstract in English.  Abstracts should refer to the aim of the thesis, methodology used, as well as the main steps followed and last but not least the main results. The abstract should be followed by the scientific region of the thesis and some keywords (both in Greek and in English).